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Title:  Your ad's title must contain between 3 and 45 characters. The following HTML tags are allowed:- <i>, </i>, <b>, </b>, <br>, <hr>, <p>, </p> The title is what will be seen first when visitors view a listing of their search results or a specific category so it is recommended that you keep it short and to the point.

Category:  When submitting your own ad, first select one of the different categories and subcategories from the pull-down menu for your ad to be displayed in. More categories may be added as needed or requested.

Location:  In this optional field, you may enter a specific location or a locality. Other visitors will use this information to determine shipping charges if you are selling an item and it may also be used to determine travelling distances. When visitors are searching for ads, what is entered in this field will also be searched.

Description:  In the "Description" field, you must enter no more than 2500 characters. Redundant characters and spaces will automatically be edited down to one character to compress space and download time.

Picture link:  If you have a picture of the item described in your ad on your hard drive, click the browse button to locate and upload it to our server. You may link to a GIF, JPG, or BMP picture file no larger than 50000 bytes in size.

Duration:  All ads remain online for a total of 30 days, at which time they will then be automatically removed unless you have renewed or deleted them (See "Password" description below).

E-mail address:  Enter the electronic mailing address that you would like interested visitors to contact you about the information in your ad. Your e-mail address must be between 6 and 40 characters and will not appear in your ads.

Password:  The password you enter in this field will allow you to edit your ad at any time once it's been activated. It will also allow you to delete your ad before its expiration date. Passwords should be between 4 and 8 characters, without spaces, and can be later changed by going to the "Change password" section of the site.

When you've completed the form, press the "Submit ad" button and your ad will be added to our database immediately if no corrections are needed.

If you experience any problems while submitting your ad, check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of our Help files or select "Contact us" from the top menu.

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